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Cybersecurity Innovation – Transforming the Enterprise

Impressive technology innovation in cybersecurity is significantly improving network and information protection. It is essential in an increasingly complex threat environment characterized as an unending cat-and-mouse game with malicious actors.

However, as technology becomes more ubiquitous and easy to manipulate even for non-experts, cybersecurity risks to our information will continue to grow. This is happening at an accelerated rate that can feel overwhelming to cyber defenders.  To be effective, cybersecurity innovation and its accompanying defensive strategy must address the four key pillars of technology, people, process, and policy.  Read More

The Challenge and Opportunities of Standing on Cloud – Finding our Warfighting Advantage


The Navy is dealing with the challenges of a world where exponentially accelerating and converging technologies impact the way we operate at unprecedented speeds. We must quickly leverage the operational advantages emerging technologies bring to warfighting and be forward-leaning in disrupting their use by adversaries. Similarly to how cloud technologies and Smartphones have funda-mentally changed the way we live by accessing and using information in revolutionary ways, victory in warfighting will go to those forces with similar information supremacy. Cloud technologies provide an opportunity to achieve that supremacy, enabling extraordinary benefits through scalable services which support Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning. Transition away from stove-piped capabilities and sources of data to a cloud environment where authoritative data can be exposed, discovered, and shared for improved situational awareness and decision making is the future. However, the move to the cloud does not come without risks and challenges.  Read More

The Future of Information Combat Power: Winning the Information War

Imagine you are the Information Warfare Commander (IWC) of a coalition naval task force in the South China Sea in 2033. The task force’s mission is to deliver combat power in support of the Commander’s campaign objectives. As the IWC, you are simultaneously a “supporting” and “supported” commander. You execute multiple lines of operations across the full-spectrum of influence, information, and cyberspace. The other warfare commanders – strike, air defense, and sea combat – rely on you to understand their fight and fuel their decision-making with precision information, while simultaneously conducting an integrated high-end fight in and through the information domain leading to warfighting outcomes. The information domain is vast, it can be both localized and completely global, interweaving through all other domains of war. Read More

Corona Virus - Silver Linings for Digital Transformation

While the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has brought unimaginable turmoil, human loss, and significant economic impacts to the world, there is a silver lining resulting from changes that will fundamentally transform how many people work, today and into the future.  While a global pandemic is the cause today, it could be something else tomorrow that disrupts lives worldwide.  Thus, lessons learned from this event can be extrapolated and reused.  Read More


"Rock the Boat:

Embrace Change, Encourage Innovation, and

Be a Successful Leader" 

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